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Building during winter

December 19, 2010

Building a log cabin during winter has its advantages and disadvantages. On the plus side are the dry conditions while assembling the logs and the somehow lower material costs. Log cabin manufacturers try to balance the seasonality with peaks in the summer with discounts for winter deliveries. But don’t be surprised if the so often advertised “winter discounts” from log cabin manufacturers are ultimately not much more than 5%. You can read the true cost savings opportunities from the contract terms. If you ordered materials to be delivered during winter (from November to April) and you delay the project into the rest of the building season, Mammuttihirsi will charge you a 5% penalty.

The downside of building during the winter – unsurprisingly – are the weather conditions. There is nothing else you can do to pray for decent temperatures below zero for dryness and for as little as snow as possible.

As it turns out, this year is another year with plenty of snow. Already in the beginning of December, we’ve got 25 cm of snow at the cottage. It took 4 hours to remove the snow inside and around the foundation. Naturally, there is more to come until mid February when the logs are supposed to be delivered.

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