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Adding a hot tub

November 13, 2020

With little money going into global travel, we decided to invest into a bit luxury at Villa Linnea. A hot tub was just what we maybe needed…

I always had planned to get one and therefore I had designed the terrace towards the lake in such a way that I could add a hot tub. But it was, as usual, again a bit more work to make things fit. The project started with removing a lot of terrace boards and some of the supporting frame structure.

After half a day, it looked like this:

The delivery of the Kimara Family Comfort model was one week late but the Kiitolinja driver super friendly. He had visited us four years ago and remembered the Villa.

Moving the 180kg heavy, 2 meter wide hot tub was its own challenge. A little crane would have been lovely. But getting it into the tight space between the terrace boards would have represented anyway a challenge.

So, we pushed and shoved the hot tub into place (from the lakeside without the terrace boards in the image above.

The installation of the heating stove should have been straight forward. I even ordered an additional piece that allows me to have the outlet of the water at the same side than the stove. But getting everything levelled and all screws tightened took some time.

But after that act, there was nothing else left than fill up the hot tub and start heating. It takes a bit more than one hour to fill the tub enough that one can start heating. It takes another 5 hours at least to heat the water from 8 degrees (which is the temperature when it comes from our deep well) to a cosy 37 degrees.

But all the effort is worth it after 30 minutes just relaxing…

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