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Electricity planning

December 30, 2010

Why do you plan where to locate electricity sockets three years before you will need them and 6 weeks before even the logs will be delivered? Why do you create an electricity plan 5 years before you need the actual paperwork for the final inspection? Well, if you don’t want to pull the electricity cables on top of the walls or start drilling holes for cables during assembly you better know well advance the big plan (see also log drill plan).

In our case, we drafted first ourselves where power sockets, switches, and lamps would be placed approximately. Then we used professionals to make it look good.

This drawing also served as basis for the electricity plan that LSK Electrics Oy (LSK) did for us. LSK we selected based on previous experience and price. The range of offers for the electricity plans was from 500 to 1600 Euro. Considering that the result is very close to what I drafted myself and they are getting the floor plan drawings in the common .dwg format, I’m wondering what kind of hourly wage those engineers have. Maybe, I should move from telecoms business to the building trade…

Now the planning around ventilation, electricity, and plumbing is pretty much completed.

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