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Log drill plan

December 18, 2010

Modern log cabins have naturally electricity like any other homes. The challenge is only that – unlike in other building method – you need to make space for the electricity cables already before starting to build. You need to drill holes into each log. You can drill the holes for the electricity cables into the logs while you assemble the log frame, but that ain’t fun.

The other alternative, which is much more convenient, is to have the holes drilled already while the logs are being carved and cut in the factory. Manufacturers have different pricing schemes for this service. It’s worthwhile doing because doing on-site drilling during log assembly is a slow process prone to mistakes even when German engineers are at work. I know what I’m talking about because that’s how we did it for the guest and sauna cottage.

In order to drill the holes already during the production process, one needs to deliver a drill plan 6 weeks ahead of scheduled delivery to Mammuttihirsi. And before you can plan where you want to drill holes into the logs, you better have an idea where you want to place switches, power and antenna outlets, lamps (both inside and outside), the control unit for the ventilation, and the thermostats for the floor heating. You have to have even some kind of idea whether you pull cables from top down and from bottom up or even from both directions like for the electric floor heating. Some serious time on Sundays and evenings went into figuring this one out. Mammuttihirsi was kind of enough to send a reminder one week before the deadline, which I consider a good service. The masterpiece looks finally like this for the first floor.

For making this drill plan one essentially marks the distance from each wall on the inside, and how high or low you want to have the hole drilled either from the floor up (AP)  or from the ceiling down (YP). Once you figure out the logic it is straight forward.


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