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Bench time

April 19, 2013

The little book nook for my not-so-little princesses tower room is getting ready. The window bench is now waiting for the interior designer to soften things up.


I build the window bench for less than 100 Euro. It takes two sheets of plywood at 23 Euro, 8 beams of engineered wood, a bucket of paint, and three cover lists. It’s still missing the mattress but that is already under works. We will cut a 80×200 cm mattress to 60 cm to fit nicely.

Also making an appearance are the window blinds to block the sun out in the long Finnish summer nights. We wanted wooden blinds. But that’s almost something you want to talk to your banker to about first if you buy custom-made ones. Some 200 cm wide, 120 cm long window blinds were supposed to cost over 400 Euro. I found off-the-shelf stuff with the measures of 180×160 for 140 Euro at Arctic Store, which seem to be a good compromise until I saw the wooden window blinds with the same dimensions for 70 Euro at Bauhaus. That felt almost like a steal already.


Those window blinds were easily shortened by 30 cm at the bottom by taking out 9 rows.

Now there are only boxes for under the bench missing, but that can wait for another time.

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