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Walking on walls

April 21, 2013

Traditional options for walls in bathrooms are naturally tiles or wood paneling. But since making a bathroom itself is not challenging enough I decided to go for another option: I’m laying hardwood floor aka parquet on the walls which are not in the shower corner (where I’m using traditional tiles).

Nowadays, one can buy at rather decent prices lots of great looking choices of hardwood parquets. For 40 Euro/m2 you can get at Bauhaus white-stained ash parquet that matches very nicely the beige tiles we are using on the floor.  Naturally that stuff is not meant to be attached on the walls but meant to be floating on floors.


The beauty of this hardwood parquet is that delivers a virtually seamless surface. And after buying a new cutting blade for extra precise seams to my cut-off saw and using some silicon one gets a seamless wall. Attaching the 1.16 m long panels on the wall was initially a little bit challenging. I tried first glueing 5 rows at the same time to the wall hoping that the adhesive holds on quickly enough. But that failed miserably and the whole sh.t fell down few times. I changed then from SIKA Installation Glue to Casco XtremFix which sticks more to the wall right from the beginning. Attaching one row at the time with Casco XtremFix seemed to be working the best.

For the wall behind the vanity unit (the most complex one) I changed tactics: I glued each row on the wall but also supported the adhesive with few nails in the groove between the rows. That seems ultimately the easiest option (assuming that has something to nail against).


And with hardwood floors on the wall, one could walk on walls. In theory, but that’s maybe more something for Spiderman.

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