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Building w.s. – 3 dormer windows

February 4, 2018

True winter in Southern Finland! It was snowing 20 to 25 cm from Thursday to Saturday. I decided to take a day off from my office job and work on the dormer windows.

The beauty of working with wood is that one can work almost in any temperature. As long the compressor runs to power the pneumatic nail gun and as long the saws are co-operating, there are no limits to the creativity of the builder.

Even that I had the scaffolding available I decided to work from the inside. After attaching the windows and filling the gaps with polyurethane (the winter edition), I built the supporting structure for the wind proofing boards.

The view from the windows is nice but unfortunately one will not be able to enjoy it often because there isn’t any floor on that level of the workshop building.

I built one dormer window already at a previous weekend. On this extended weekend I built another 2 dormer windows. I planned to continue on Sunday, but the temperatures dropped from -8 degrees on Saturday to -18 degrees. And that is simply too much for me. I anyway can’t work yet on the sides of the dormer windows because there is a bit too much snow around, but it would have been nice to start with the three dormer windows on the other side of the building.

Meanwhile, winter is settling over Villa Linnea blanketing everything in fresh snow…

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