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Building w.s. – Sun from the South

December 31, 2017

The Southside of the workshop its two windows for more light into the building. With the North recently completed I took on the challenge of paneling the Southside during the Xmas break and New Year.

The frame structure was naturally already such that I could insert the windows once the paneling was completed.

I assumed that the paneling of the Southside would be slightly more complicated than on the Northside because of the windows. But because I didn’t need to cut the boards to exact measure it was actually a bit faster to do. The cutting of the wind proofing board and the log-style panels along the window opening turned out to be destructive in regards to the sabre-saw. I was reminded that cutting with a blade designed for wood one shouldn’t cut through metal. When I cut through one nail which I accidentally placed too close to the window frame I ruined the blade. And being a bit remote in the countryside buying a replacement blade for my Bosch sabre-saw was a bit inconvenient. I continued with the blade designed for cutting through metal which is a bit shorter than the one designed for wood. Because that one is shorter I managed to hit the frame with the front of the blade which ruined that one as well. Well, the rest I cut with good old manual power.

Once the windows were attached (which takes a mere 30 minutes) I required pretty much a whole day to cut the covering boards and the window tin. For the polyurethane I used the winter version which works until -5 degrees. The ready wall completes another phase of the workshop building project.

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