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Building w.s. – Log-style paneling

November 26, 2017

On a rainy November day, nothing is nicer than nailing panels 5 meters above the ground. Well, this weekend I finally finished the paneling of the first side of the workshop. The log-style panels (175×20 mm) are nailed onto the vertical spacer boards that allow the air to flow between the panels.

The first panel is the most difficult one because it should first snugly on top of the last log creating (at least theoretically) the impression of one massive log wall. I cut those boards 4 times before I was about happy with the fit (I will still try to improve on the other side of the building).

I chose to nail these panels with twisted nails that are about 45 mm long. The “twist” should prevent that they loose over time while the nails itself are not that thick. I hammered the nails flush with the surface of the panels and from below you can’t really recognise them.

It took a total of three days to do the paneling of one side (well, I’ve gotten lazy because of the weather). But cutting each panel to size at the slope of the roof does not exactly promise quick progress.

I was satisfied to see the final result:

While one can recognise clearly the difference between logs and the panels that is mostly due to the fact that the panels are already painted once while the logs aren’t yet. I painted panels in the last days of the autumn, one by one. Painting the panels once attached has the risk of revealing unpainted areas once the panels dry and therefore shrink.

Another side closed off…

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