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Building w.s. – Drive-Through Ceiling

October 15, 2017

Last weekend was dedicated to attaching the ceiling boards under the drive-trough.

This time we ordered pre-painted boards. For the Villa we ordered regular boards (95×20 mm) and painting turned out to be a major pain in ar?e. Until today, there are still places of the Villa’s terrace where we have painted the ceiling boards because painting over the head is cumbersome and with sawn boards slow compared to planed boards.

The job of attaching the ceiling boards is again one of those where one would need that magic third hand. One hand holds the board, the other one the pneumatic nail-gun (4.5kg!), and the third one adjust the distance to the previous board. And even when you have a helper the co-ordination is not exactly trivial on a limited space on the scaffolding. Well, the job got done within a day (6 meters times 3 meters) and the result looks very good.

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