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Building w.s. – Sides closed

September 10, 2017

With rain falling all weekend, work efforts shifted from roof works to closing off the sides of the building. While the first 3 meters of the workshop are made of massive logs, the last 2,5 meters are designed to be built using a frame structure.

The first step to building the 5 layers of the wall is to attach the 70×42 mm beams to the roof trusses. The manufacturer suggests to attach them with four 3,4mm thick nails but I used four 6 mm screws instead.


Next up are 42×45 beams between the top and the bottom of the roof truss. A bunch of 75mm nails shot from the pneumatic nail gun do the trick nicely while cutting the beams for a tight fit required some try and error approach.


The 12 mm wind-proofing boards close of the structure. Again, 75 mm nails every 10-15 cm should do the trick.


The wind-proofing boards should get me through the winter. They can get temporarily wet as long there are some periods when they can dry again. But maybe I get around to attach still the missing 2 layers before the first snow comes…

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