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Building w.s. – Dormer windows covered

August 21, 2017

The summer is only a faint memory by now (no wonder because there wasn’t much summer to talk of) and the autumn is moving in (too) quickly. Therefore, I continue my roof building marathon as long temperatures allow me.

I managed to cover now also all 6 dormer windows with the underlay which had to attached in temperatures above 10 degrees (because of the glue holding two lanes together).

Next up in my To-Do list is attaching as much of the tar shingles as possible. Officially, one is not supposed to leave the roof covered with only the underlay during the winter. Only the tar shingles give the required strength. I don’t think that this is the case for any kind of winter and any kind of roof but as more I get done before temperatures drop below 6 degrees highs during daytime the better. 6 degrees is the minimum temperature to attach the tar shingles.

The sandwich includes metal sheets covering the edges of the roof, a straight tarpaper piece and on top of that the actual tar shingles.

Within 6 hours I managed to attach 9 rows of tar shingles, moving the scaffoulding 3 times from left to right and from right to left the entire 14 meters in width (I wish I would have a proper scaffolding around the entire roof!)

 The next lanes require me to work on the dormer windows first again. But I got another side of roof with 9 rows to go…

While the workshop is now protected from above from the elements I do have another problem: The sides are still wide open…

Before the first snow I need to do something about the openness on the sides…

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