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Building w.s. – All covered

August 6, 2017

Running out of vacation (and even-half-decent weather), the roof works come to a sudden stop after three weeks of progress. The worst summer ever! in Finland made constructing a roof not much easier. The constantly changing weather conditions, from little rain to a lot of rain to rainforest monsoon, slowed things down considerably. But after a bit more than half of the vacation half of the rood boards were attached.

The extended scaffolding came in handy several times and – when secured against the wall for more stability – actually felt quite safe. Without attaching it to the building, the climb up to 6 meters standing on loose gravel did not feel like “you are going to live a long and happy life”.

After another 10 days, all roof boards had made their way up the building. Not all the underlay has been attached because the last four days of rainy conditions made that impossible. I simply didn’t feel like attaching the underlay on top of wet roof boards.

So, the building is now mostly covered, at least with roof boards, but the dormer windows are still wide open and it’s raining through that gap all the time. Closing the dormer windows is the next job to get done, but that’s for another time…

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