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Building w.s. – Topping out

July 25, 2017

“May god bless this building, the people living and working here!”

More than half of the summer vacation is still left (glass half full principle!) and we are able to pop some sparkling wine and celebrate the topping out of the workshop roof.

The triangles, which form the top of the roof, have been assembled on the roof and therefore the load-bearing structure of the roof is ready. The lifting of the triangles was a little complicated. 16 pieces, each weighing some 25 kg, had to make their way 6 meters up. The primary option was to call our friendly helper with his multi-purpose tractor. But at 65 Euro an hour I thought whether there was another way to lift them to the top of the roof. I opted for an electrical winch from Biltema:

This simple winch set me back 149 Euro and it can lift up to 200 kg vertically. Instead of lifting them up vertically however, I pulled them up on the side.

The final step was to attach the beams extending 1 meter over the edge of the building.

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