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Building workshop – Diagonal alley

June 25, 2017

With the roof trusses attached, it was time to strengthen the roof structure and extend it over the sides to protect the wall better from the rain.

In order to avoid a domino-effect for the roof trusses, one has to attach diagonal boards (25×95 mm strong) across the floor joist over the drive-through. That’s an easy job as long one has two people and a pneumatic nail-gun for framing purposes.

Diagonal boards are also attached to the ceiling joist of the last three roof trusses on both sides of the building to give the roof structure more stability. Nailing these boards on top of the ceiling joist is a rather hairy business because one cannot with reasonable effort build a decent scaffolding and working from a ladder is not exactly safe either. Hence, this was the first time my new safety harness came into play. Well, it wouldn’t leave me without bruises either if I fall but at least I won’t have a free fall of 5 meters. Luckily, the safety harness wasn’t tested…

With more stability in the roof structure, I started to build the eaves that extend the roof to the sides. Our eaves are hanging a meter over the wall and, according to Kontio, are attached with only two 160 mm long screws. That leaves me a bit wondering whether that’s enough to carry one meter of snow but I guess I will figure it out one winter… Or, maybe, I’ll attach another diagonal support for the beams that carry the eaves later in the project.

Now the roof has its final width: 14 meters. That means quite some few roof boards to attach…but that’s for another weekend.

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