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Building workshop – Assembling Rooftrusses

June 18, 2017

The main challenge of this weekend was to lift the roof trusses on top of the logs and attach them. There are a total 16 roof trusses across the building that shape the roof.  Initially, only the lower part of the 16 roof trusses are assembled because diagonal support boards are attached before the little triangles can crown of the building.

This is how things looked like at the beginning of the weekend:

At a previous weekend, I did as much preparations as possible: I attached three quarters of the L-brackets already saving a lot of nailing on the actual assembly day and and also ensuring the roof trusses land in the right place.

Furthermore, I attached 2 beams on each side of the building that stop the roof trusses from tilting sideways as long they are only attached to the logs.

On the actual assembly day, the first thing we had to do is to move the roof trusses closer to the workshop building because the crane didn’t extend far enough. Fortunately, our local “multi-purpose guy” – that has done already all kinds of things with his tractor at Villa Linnea including spreading of soil and moving rocks – found an easy way to lift a whole bundle of roof trusses beside the building.

But then, just shortly after 9 o’clock, the first roof truss had lift-off and made its way to the far end of the building.

Only four hours later, the last roof truss was lifted onto the building, all L-brackets were attached, and the temporary boards connecting each roof truss horizontally were nailed in place.

And with that another major step forward was taken. The building is now almost twice as high, but plenty of work is still ahead…

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