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Building workshop – Towards row 16

June 4, 2017

Building a log cabin beyond row 8 is more challenging because, unless you are the incredible Hulk, you need scaffolding to lift the logs on the next row and put them into the joint.

Because the average builder does have only one or two work platforms (one for up to 2 meters working height, the other up to 5 meters working height), a lot of platform moving is part of the assembly show. It would be nice to have a professional scaffolding all around the building, but a) that costs some real money and b) where is the fun of improvisation in this?

The space for doors is now also at full height at row 16. The last 5 cm of the space for the door needs to be cut out manually still from the log above the door. The log is pre-cut but the final cutting with an handsaw is rather tedious because of the strength of the Finnish timber from Lapland. I opted for using my Bosch saber saw instead but also that still requires some strength to cut through the 95 mm of log.

Between the door and the large window is a pillar. Because the log building needs to be able to set, but the windows and the pillar don’t shrink, the pillar is attached with the mechanism on the photo below. It’s the weirdest of all tightening rods in the building: instead of pulling the logs together, this mechanism is supposed to slide downwards at the same pace than the building settles. But who has the time to lower the nut at the same pace continuously? And how is that supposed to happen once the covering boards are around the windows? Well, we have the same construction in the guest cottage which is also from Kontio. I adjusted that screw twice during 5 years after I attached the covering boards. I guess it works after all.

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