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Getting ready for the workshop delivery

May 12, 2017

It is finally time to wake this blog up from its winter-hypernation! It’s building time AGAIN!

The workshop building materials shall be delivered this weekend. I was surprised that they are willing to deliver on a Saturday. But the contract said that the delivery is ti be on Friday or Saturday. And Saturday it is. There was still plenty of other stuff to get out of the way before our mind can shift entirely to the building of the workshop. The majority of things got done just in time.

Firstly, the toilet tank had to be emptied. I waited again too long before calling in the tank truck and we ended up with a full tank last weekend which meant that we had to switch to using the outhouse again. Now with 5500 litres dirty water pumped away we are ready for a comfortable building experience with indoor toilet.

The outhouse itself also needed some attention this spring.

A storm in the spring knocked the outhouse out and the roof off.

Luckily, I could fix it in few hours again and only few traces of the damage remain for the observant outhouse user that is not focussed on his/her newspaper or smartphone…

Then there was still one landscaping project unfinished last year: We made the ramp from the second level to the Villa more grandmother-friendly (aka less steep) in 2015. However, I didn’t like how the ramp extended onto the grass of the second level plateau. When heavy machinery was available for the foundation work last fall I had the ramp dug into the hill in a way that it is less steep and ends at the grass. I didn’t manage to do landscaping anymore last fall and 4 trailer loads of soil and one trailer load of tree bark later that is also done. Now only the grass has to grow until midsummer…

Getting ready for delivery I placed some pallets onto which the material can be unloaded. In an ideal case, one has a gap of 50 cm between any untreated wood and the ground  in order to prevent mould from the humidity rising up from below, but I hope a single pallet height will do.

Finally, I placed the route markers for the truck driver.

According to the shipping company the load will be driven throughout Friday from Central Finland to our countryside estate. That means the truck driver should be here just before midnight or so. The truck driver is supposed to show up right in the morning to unload the materials. Because the trailer of the combination truck cannot make it all the way down to the building sight, the trailer need to be parked in the night on a larger parking space 600 meters away. The driver need to reload then the materials from the trailer to the truck after emptying the first load.

We’ll see how that goes… as long not the same happens than for the delivery of the Villa everything should be a smooth ride in comparison…

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