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Mystery of the Roof Structure

March 25, 2017

Building the roof of a log house is always one of the more challenging tasks. But what do you do when only 5 out of 35 pages of the building instructions actually apply to your project?

Kontio delivers a decent amount of building instructions with figures and descriptive text for the roof work. However, 30 of the 35 pages are designated for roof structures that assume that sides of the building are also made of massive logs and the roof structure is build from single pre-cut boards. But the workshop, with its mansard-style roof and the dormer windows, is assembled from pre-manufactured roof trusses?

These technical drawings itself are not exactly revealing in regards where to attach the cross-connections between the different roof trusses in order to have the necessary stability. I don’t get it yet, how to read these drawings. I guess I have to study them still more before the summer. The positive surprise with the roof design was that the dormer windows don’t need to be build too much manually but the main structure is also part of the pre-manufactured roof trusses.

The sides of the building are then to be build from long boards that are attached to the roof truss and the logs itself.

Well, I got all summer and the early part of the fall to figure out how to do this. It just needs to be ready before the winter.

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