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When I drill I drill all the way

January 22, 2017

In order to pull electricity cables inside of the logs, the log manufacturer drills 4 cm wide holes into the logs. One needs to send a drill plan to the log manufacturer few months before the logs for the workshop are being carved out of wood. The instructions on how to communicate to the manufacturer where to drill the holes seem to be pretty much the same comparing Mammuttikoti and Kontio, two of the major log home manufacturers in Finland. I have done the same exercise also for Villa Linnea (

However, Kontio’s instructions seems to have changed: instead of indicating how high (or deep) the holes do need be drilled through the wall, the manufacturer simply stroked out these parts from the guidelines.


It seems that Kontio is now drilling the holes all the way from top to the bottom in the wall. Not that it really matters except that the already low insulation value of wood is not exactly improved by unnecessarily drilling holes. But the workshop is a “cold” building without permanent heating and therefore it doesn’t really matter.


Now, the log drill plan has been made and sent to Kontio. We’ll see what they say…

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