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2017 – The Plan

January 1, 2017

Day 1, 2017. Time to share the plan. The plan of what I intend to get done this year.

This year is easy: there is a foundation with my name on it waiting for me.


But how far do to build the workshop? What is too far and what is too lazy? Well, after all this is a hobby and not a labour camp. But some goals might good to have…

The main goal is that the workshop building is protected for the incoming winter 2017/2018. In order to be protected from the elements, we should have some kind of roof or cover on the building. Also, a first layer of protective paint should be on the logs and the wooden panels.

The foundation is ready. All parts (except the doors) shall be delivered in the second week of May. And during the 4th weekend in May, a long weekend due to a religious holiday, we should have a team of at least 5 to assemble logs. That should be the easy part.

The next part is already a bit more challenging: lifting the roof elements on top of the building and attaching them to the logs and then connecting with each other. The plan is so far to hire a truck with a crane for one day to get that job done during the early summer.


During the summer holidays (and yes, we intend to actually rest also from our daily jobs) I hope to be able to nail the roof boards on and attach the first layer of tar paper which seals the roof.

If I manage to nail the wood panels on the second story, then I’m already on the winning side of things.

The challenge in all of this will be the dormer windows on both sides of the roof.


Building the roof would be otherwise fairly straight-forward, but those will be a challenge. That’s the biggest uncertainty factor in this project. I’m waiting eagerly for the detailed building drawings to figure out how to built the dormer windows. But before the materials can be delivered I need to design still where holes should be drilled in the logs in order to pull the electricity cables. More about that in the next blog post…

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