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Workshop foundation: Landscaping

October 23, 2016

With the foundation of the workshop being ready, the last thing is to do the landscaping of the inner courtyard. The landscaping was held up by another massive rock which had to be blown up (see previous blog post) but with that one out of the way, the last task before the winter could be done. The photo below illustrates how things looked before the landscaping. The road about between workshop and villa didn’t exist. The road through the workshop building wasn’t done yet and various piles of gravel and soil blocked the path to the villa.


The target state of the inner courtyard is shown below (at least roughly):


The excavator had plenty to do to clean up the sides around the foundation, level the area for the roundabout, and shift 5 truck loads of gravel. Unfortunately, an excavator is not the perfect tool to actually distribute and level gravel for the roundabout and the road. The shovel of the excavator is simply not wide enough. The whole thing didn’t turn out as even and flat as I had hoped for. I spent hours to work with a rake to smoothen the excavators work but I believe I still need a tractor with a wide shovel to make the road and roundabout even. Doing this manually is like prisoner’s work. Burns calories, but not very meaningful.


The slopes around the workshop are now cleaned up as well and nature can take over again (or will I be able actually to plant something controlled there?).


A truck load of load-bearing gravel was dumped in front of what will the garage for the garden tractor and then levelled again. Now, it is theoretically possible to drive into the workshop. But that’s pretty much it for now. I still need that tractor for the finishing touches before the snow comes, but that has to wait until later. Anyway, the vision of approaching the villa on a straight road through the workshop with the roundabout as turning place is slowly taking shape…


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