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Rocks and Dynamite

October 16, 2016

The master plan for the new building layout around Villa Linnea is to have a roundabout between the villa and the workshop. Unfortunately, we discovered yet another massive rock that is poking out inside of the circle of the roundabout (in the photo below in the lower right corner). Only when doing the final levelling for the roundabout we found that fellow which is only 15 cm too high, but 15 cm is 15 cm too much. Not even the strong excavator was able to dig deep enough to make that rock move even an inch. And therefore, there was only one solution: Explosives!


The guy that blows rocks into small pieces in our neck of woods is a cool guy (maybe you need to be with this job). He showed up pretty much at 07.00 the following day before even there was any daylight. He started immediately to drill four holes into that rock in the dark.


20 minutes after drilling the holes he dropped the explosives (that he transports in a blue plastic bucket) into the holes. The excavator then loaded a 20cm layer of soil on top of the rock to prevent shrapnel to fly about.


And few moments later, I barely managed to get into what I considered a save distance, the rock was split into nice junks, which the digger could then remove. Problem solved. Only 90 minutes after arrival the dynamite man was already gone again.


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