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Spray paint – a little can go a long way

September 29, 2016

If you read our blog semi-regularly you’ve probably already established the division of work between me and the Other Half: he builds and does the things requiring ”heavy lifting”, where as I focus on gardening (not landscaping!), decorating and smaller things like that. I’m not much of a DIY person in terms of bigger building; I can hold a paintbrush and do things that I’m told or instructed to do, but bigger things are outside of my comfort zone. But once in a while I’ll do something small – like what I’m sharing with you today.

We very often on weekend mornings eat breakfast buns – for the lack of a local bakery where I could pick up some fresh ones we buy the vacuum packed semi-ready kind and bake them in the morning. That gives the illusion of fresh buns, which they’re really not. Anyways, in order to bring them to the table we have a basket – a small, red basket to be more precise.


We’ve been using this basked for a couple of years already. During the same time I’ve noticed a spot on the kitchen counter as well as a spot on the dining table (in the middle of it, of course) with a slight red discoloration. I’ve been wondering where these spots came from, as they’re impossible to remove; I actually thought some summer I might have stained the spots with some strawberries. Well, that was not the case – it was the basket! If the bottom became wet or even damp it would discharge color and obviously, as I had not noticed it immediately, the color did not come off from where ever it had rubbed off.

Quite annoying and obviously something had to be done! I like the basket, it is a convenient size for this particular purpose (we actually have the same kind in another, neutral color at home). The Other Half had some spray paint cans laying around, so I thought I could paint it. So from thought to implementation!


I did this already in the late summer, so it was the easiest option to make use of one of the stumps at the edge of the forest as a location, so I didn’t need to protect any walls or anything else for the matter. I decided that I liked the touch of red on the basket, so I only spray painted the outside.

And honestly the can was a bit on the low side already, so I wasn’t sure if there’d be enough to spray it all around. I wanted to play it safe, as what’s worse than running out of supplies in the middle of the project?


I sprayed around three light coats of paint, allowing for about 15 minutes between the layers for drying. In the end I let be basket dry about an hour. And voila! A slightly enhanced basket that will no longer stain my kitchen table nor counters!


This has now been in use for some time already and the spray job seems to be holding up nicely; it’s not chipping or rubbing off. Not that I would have expected it to do this either, as the basket is in quite light use only with the important task of holding the breakfast buns on the weekends.

I must say this was a nice little project, so based on this you might see me spray painting a bit more things in the future 🙂

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