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Workshop: Foundation filling

September 25, 2016

Once the mortar of the concrete blocks has dried, we could fill up the foundation with sand and gravel. Roughly 5 truck loads of some kind of sand and gravel mix were required to fill the 60 cm. Every 15 cm or so we compressed the material to get a solid base for the floor plate. Also the land around the foundation was raised again to roughly 30 cm below the foundation height.


We also had to dig in the foundation drainage pipes which lead the water away whenever there is a heavy rainfall or when the snow melts in the spring. Because the lowest layer of the foundation is significantly lower than most of the land around it (even that the building is sitting on a natural slope) we had to dig a 20 meters long trench to come out on the surface level.


Two layers of 5 cm Styrofoam are placed on top of the gravel which insulate the floor. The iron roster is there only temporarily to stop the Styrofoam from flying away in the next autumn storm.


The only outstanding challenge is the placement of the electricity cabinet. The master plan in my mind was to move it on the short side of the workshop building. However, that plan failed miserably with the power supply cable to the villa being 50 cm too short. Now the electrician and I have to figure out how to solve that issue in style. Well, another time…


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