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Workshop: Foundation

September 20, 2016

Making the foundation is ultimately a two-phase project: first you work yourself up out of the foundation pit and then you fill up the land around foundation pit to the final height.

The first step was to pour a ring of concrete (some 20 cm high and 60cm wide) into a simple wooden frame. That concrete ring will distribute the load evenly onto the ground below.


Once the concrete ring is hardened enough, you lay at least three rows of bricks to the final height of the foundation. You can add more layers of brick on top of it depending on the final target height of the building but three rows is the minimum. You need 30 cm between the lowest log and the land around the foundation so that the rainwater doesn’t splash onto the logs. Then you need another 30 cm to place the 5 cm styrofoam insulation around the foundation to protect the concrete ring from the frost in the winter plus some earth on top of the styrofoam.

foundation-bricksAlso the inside of the foundation is insulated before it is being filled up with gravel to carry the concrete slab which will be the floor.

After this was done, the project took a three week break while we had to wait for the excavator to return. Meanwhile we enjoyed a great autumn with some picture-postcard mornings at the lake.


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