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Eat your vegetables!

September 15, 2016

Isn’t that what parents always tell their children? At some point in your life you no longer have to be reminded of that and you actually gladly eat your vegetables, especially if they are self-grown and fully organic.

I think this will be my last post about vegetables this year (at least I think so, but let’s see…), but I had completely forgotten that there was still one new crop this year: beetroot. I planted two rows of beetroot seeds in  the spring and they started growing nicely, though a bit slowly, in my opinion.

Someone said that the leaves, when they are really small, would be a nice addition to salads. As we had more than enough salad I decided to let the leaves be and see what comes out of them. Well, beetroot, of course. In the end this first crop was not that successful: there were probably a good dozed plants based on the leaves, but we only ate four beetroots.

Just as with the carrots I was quite fierce in weeding out the plants in the beginning, to ensure there is space to grow, but that didn’t help. I don’t know was it too dry or too wet, or perhaps not enough nutrition in the soil, but there were leaves and everything looked quite ok on top of the soil but digging under only produced four proper beetroot. That’s better than nothing, so I’m not complaining!

This allowed me to make one of my favorite, super-simple vegetable dishes: oven vegetables, fully from my own vegetables.

Cooking doesn’t get any simpler than this. For this I took beetroot, carrots and potatoes:

Washed the veggies, and as I knew where and how this had been grown, I didn’t even peel them. Chop everything up and put in an oven dish, top with some olive oil, salt, pepper and honey, and you’re all set!


Approximately 2 hours later, after baking them at 175C, this is what you will get:


Go very nicely with a good grilled steak! As a side there were also a few prizes in the forest still, which I turned into a sauce. I think that was probably the last batch of chanterelles for this year, already waiting for next year and a new batch.


These ones you’re not supposed to eat, as they are poisonous, but it did make a really nice picture.


But now it’s time to run, so I’ll leave you with these funny carrot pants! It’s a wonder how things grow to the shapes they do under ground.


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