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Workshop: Ground Zero

August 28, 2016

Ground Zero, The Bottom, Foundation Pit. I don’t really know how to call it, but every building starts growing upwards from some zero line. After one day of excavation and blowing up two large rocks, the lowest level of the workshop has been flattened.

Ground Zero 1

The next thing to do was to place the drainage pipes that carry the water away from the foundation (especially during the spring when snow melts). That task was relatively easy to complete in 2 hours: just 6 pipes of 6 meters length that have little holes in them, then 4 inspection pipes and 2 pipes on the lower side of the slope that carry the water away from the building.

Ground Zero 2

Then we placed a sheet of fabric under on the bottom which shall prevent from moisture to permeate upwards. The drainage pipes are covered with special (kind of clean) round pebble stones which are supposed to let the water through to the pipes.

Ground Zero 3

Next comes 20cm of crushed rock which when compressed is the load-bearing level for the concrete (And no, I’m not the dude on the photos. I do have professional help.)

Ground Zero 4Getting this part right is among the most important ones for having a solid foundation. Nothing is more annoying than the foundation sinking into the ground after some years or too much water standing around the foundation and then vapouring into the building, especially when you build on a slope. But let’s see, the next steps of the foundation phase should give us an idea how high the building will ultimately stand.

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