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Caught in the act!

August 25, 2016

Nature is unpredictable, even though something appears to be growing along nicely just in a short span of time something can happen, or something can come along, and change everything. We saw that, again, this year.

You may recall last year worms came and ate our red currant bushes almost bare. Well, this year nature repeated itself again, unfortunately. We were at the Villa every weekend but in a short span of just 5 days the nasty little buggers can do a lot of damage! It’s interesting that this year the worms chose to snack on the other berry bush (compared to last year). I don’t know what they base their choice on, maybe the amount of berries on the bush?

Well, as soon as I discovered the worms I started fighting back! I looked through the leaves and picked out all the worms I could see, as well as pulled out any leaves that looked to have eggs on them. In addition I sprayed all the bushes with a mixture of dishwasher liquid and water. I also couldn’t help myself and had to take a few pictures of these bad guys in action:

My actions seemed to help for a few days (and I repeated them regularly), but in the end it seemed like a loosing battle. Even though I thought I had the situation under control the worms managed to eat pretty much all the leaves on the other bush.

Luckily this did not impact the berries! This year we managed to get slightly more red currants than last year – I would say about 0.75L. I like to eat them as is, but I also like them as jam, so it was a 50/50 split this time. I’m looking forward to enjoying that jam during  the winter (if it makes it that long).


On a final note I walked down to the beach one evening to take some sunset pictures (I’ll spare you from them this time…) and when I turned back to walk up to the Villa I saw a rainbow over the Villa. Quite a sight, even though it was already quite faint by the time I saw it. Had to take a picture, of course 🙂


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