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Workshop: Roadworks

August 20, 2016

Whenever this machine shows up (see photo below), men turn into boys, engineers consider switching their office jobs, and a load of earth-shattering change is about to happen:

Digger making an appearance

The works for the workshop have finally begun!

It all starts with re-routing the last 50 meters of the forest road to the Villa. Because the main road will run through the workshop building, we will need to route the main road differently and also create an auxiliary road for large trucks which don’t pass through the 3×3 meter opening in the workshop. Clearing tree trunks, removing rocks, and flattening the earth for these roads is the first physical act of this project.

Start of road diggingThe road works proceeded at a rapid pace until…, yes, what a surprise in a building project, we hit some rocks that not even the biggest excavator of our earth moving contractor can deal with. That Komatsu PC210 excavator, some 22 tons heavy itself, seems to lift rocks that weigh 11 tons and rolls rocks on the ground probably twice that weight. But some of them are just too big. Like the ones we encountered in the middle of the new road.


That meant that we had to call in the “dynamite dude” who will break these rocks into smaller parts that can be lifted by the excavator. Until then the road works had to be rescheduled. Which meant that we started digging for other things: we dug out the electricity cables that have been hidden in the way for the new road and the foundation. Archaeological excavations for cables are not fun. While the heavy duty excavator can dug out the majority of the soil on top of the cables until it hits the yellow marker tape, the rest is manual labour with the shovel (to which I volunteered; there wasn’t anybody else on site anyway).

Digging out cables

Lifting the cables out of the trench filled with fine sand is not that difficult. The cables to the guest cottage and the sauna cabin have been placed in that recommended way. However, Vattenfall (the former network provider) had chosen not waste money on a handful sand but rather throw rocks and clay on top of the precious main power supply cable which made the manual digging pure hell. But at the end of the day we had all three cables (main supply, guest cottage, and sauna cabin) out and none cut off (yet).

Road works after day 1

The roadwork will continue once the “dynamite dude” has done his magic. The excavator will continue with digging out the foundation hole meanwhile. But that’s for another blog post…

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