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August 15, 2016

You may recall we made the ultimate find a couple of years ago – not even 200m from our property line in the forest: a perfect patch for chanterelles, the gold of the forest. We’ve been lucky since the find, as it seems like the roots are gradually spreading and there is more and more to find every year. And, even more importantly, it looks like no one has ventured into this part of the forest to share our find!

This summer has been a bit unusual (I think that’s said every year) with a really warm spell in May and plenty of rain, which has created the perfect breeding ground for all sorts of mushrooms. However I’m limited in my knowledge of mushrooms, so chanterelles are my pick! (well, they’re the ones you really can’t go wrong with in terms of identification).

So mushrooms were early this year, and plentiful! Usually we would be lucky to get one decent batch in mid-to-late August, but this year we already gathered about 1.5L in mid-July!

This made a lovely sauce we had with some new potatoes.

Less than two weeks later we went to have another look, just to see whether more were sprouting up. And it was a goldmine! In total we gathered a further 3L! This also made a super batch of mushroom sauce, that was enough for two days.

This was already more than twice the annual amount of chanterelles (compared to earlier years), but this was not it! Just last week, about two weeks since the previous batch we were able to get a further 1L.

Batch 3

This time I made a soup, a new experience for both making and eating. I don’t have pictures of that (don’t always remember to have a camera handy), but I have to say it was super yummy! Must make it again, if not this year that next year.

I don’t dare to hope, but if we’re super lucky we might still get some further chanterelles this year, if the weather keeps up in terms of warmth and some rain… Let’s see!

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