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Workshop: Cable Positioning

August 11, 2016

Things are warming up slowly for phase 1 of the workshop building, the foundation works…

As preparation for the foundation hole to be dug up, an electrician from Elenia electricity provider (well, not actually Elenia as in today’s world of subcontracting everything except management is outsourced) showed up today and marked the routing of the main supply cable.


As we suspected, the main supply cable unfortunately runs in the middle of where the workshop building should be (the red crosses in the photo below mark the outer corners of the workshop and the small blue dots the position of the cable). And yes, the workshop building sits also on top of the current road to the Villa…


The electricity cabinet was installed well before any plans for the workshop existed, not even Villa Linnea had been positioned at the time. The electricity and water supply infrastructure was done well before the first building was constructed.


The whole thing took 10 minutes to complete and signing the work order and chatting about the re-routing possibilities took probably as long as the job itself. Now, we are waiting for the digger to show up…

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