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Rock’n Roll

July 3, 2016

One of the big projects for this year is do some landscaping on the Northside of the Villa. Currently, the “garden” on the Northside (visible below between the treehouse and that big rock in the centre of the photo) is a fruitless mix of various kind of soil, rocks, and random trees: The outcome of 30 minutes pushing earth aside with a digger and nature taking its cause.


After some brainstorming with the other half and coming to terms that the Northside will never get much sun after all, we decided to flatten the area as much as soil is concerned and create a stone garden (if that word exists). One of things that had to go was a massive fur tree which was standing way too close to the Villa to cut it ourselves. It should have been cut already before the Villa was built because it is standing so close but we never bothered. But the roots will be exposed when flatting the area and the next storm might tip the tree onto the Villa. Hence, it had to go. We asked a local lumberjack to cut it for us. We asked him to cut it from above slicing it in small pieces. There wasn’t really much space to drop the entire tree itself. However, our lumberjack fell the tree into an 1 meter narrow gap between the playhouse and the edge of our land. That was one kind of impressive (yet risky) precision.

I dug out then some 100 wheelbarrows full of soil, rocks and other stuff I could move. I still don’t know why I’m not hiring some heavier machinery to get the job done but I must love the exercise. Well, some people go to the gym I do landscaping. I only left those kind of massive rocks that I couldn’t move anymore myself.


We decided to cover the area with 15 to 20 cm round rocks. I calculated that I would need roughly 8 m3 of rocks (based on some Internet dimensioning rules). Those 8 m3 of rocks turned out to be some 12 tons to be delivered from a local quarry.

Now I’ve got a huge pile of rocks that I need to place in the new stone garden…


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