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Farm to table

July 1, 2016

It’s already almost a tradition at the Villa that we get the first products from our own vegetable garden around mid-summer. This year was no expection!

As always we start with the salad. I think I need to take a learning again for next summer and plant the salad seeds at even larger intervals and maybe a bit later, perhaps last ones only at the very end of May. Now all of our salads are prospering and I’m afraid if we eat them all we will turn into rabbits J But boy does the self-grown salad taste good! I’m really looking forward to eating it all summer long, in moderation though.

Also radishes are starting to ripen. We’ve had some of the first bigger ones. This is the first year I’ve really taken care of them by weeding out the smaller ones and ensuring each of them has enough space to grow. You can really tell the difference! However here again need to space the planting a bit more in years to come, as who needs a couple of kilos of radishes in one go?

Everything else is coming along nicely, bit-by-bit. I hope this year we have better luck with the potatoes, as last year the stems died and that impacted in tiny, or almost non-existent, potato crop.

Vegetable patch

I’m also happy to see that one, of the two, pumpkin seeds I planted is growing! I’m doubtful that we’ll actually see this turn into a big pumpkin, but it’s more than I expected already at this point!


I’ll leave you with a few pictures from last weekend and mid-summer. What is it without that bonfire and a fresh strawberry cake! Happy & sunny summer days!

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