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Building site cleared

June 12, 2016

The building site for the workshop building is now cleared for the earthmoving. We have agreed with the local earthmoving business that he can start with digging the foundation hole and moving the forest road whenever he finds time between larger projects.

In the fall of last year, the site looked still like this (and a lot of trees had been cut by then already):


The same then in January:


A lot of trees had to go. And it was several weekends before I had processed all the trees to firewood. The image below shows only two thirds of the firewood (the other third is in the city):


The other thing that had to move was the garden and tool shed which found its new (yet temporary) home on the parking place besides the play house:


I was planning to have the shed moved by a tractor with a forklift but the tractor dude that cut one of the larger trees was so quickly done with the gig that I didn’t get around asking him to move the shed. I moved the shed the Egyptian style with round wooden pieces under the floor rolling it the 10 meters to its new place.

Now the site is all clear, well almost:


The electricity cabinet still needs to relocated which is a challenge by itself.


This needs to be moved 5 meters to what will be the side of the workshop building. Also the main power supply line needs to be rerouted because it would be under the workshop building. Also connected to the electricity cabinet is the power for the pump in the well, the guest cottage, the sauna cottage and naturally the Villa itself. So, that needs a lit bit of cable searching and extending by professionals.

But anyway, now it’s time to dig in!

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