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Signs of growth

June 7, 2016

Spring and early summer are really the best seasons – at least if you’re planning to or actually growing something. Of course the nature is also waking up after the winter slumber, but seeing things that you have actually planted in the earth with your own hands is really satisfying!

Here’s what we see at the Villa up to now. Our apple trees, berry bushes and black raspberries are prospering:

Well, at least they are alive and growing = to me that is prospering. Whether we actually get any apples or berries this year is another story. That we need to wait a bit longer to see… I’m pretty sure we’ll see some black and red currants, but whether the apple trees and berries will bring any crop, that will be exciting to see.

Also newcomers from this year are still alive and growing, aka the rhubarb:


And our vegetable patch, the annual favorite, is starting to show progress and success for everything planted so far:

Vegetable patch

I’ve already gone in a weeded  the radish and beetroot, so that they would bring a better crop. Luckily there’s also been so far less weeds than other years, but maybe that’s just due to the season being relatively young. A nice surprise last weekend was to see that the potatoes are also already growing.

Last but not least, the Marigold seeds planted next to the playhouse are also waking up! If all these survive it will be mighty crowded later in the season!


More progress to come during the summer!



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