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In Record Time: Workshop Building Permit Granted!

June 2, 2016

I wasn’t expecting it yet. It’s been only on the 12th of May when I posted the building permit application. And in less than 3 weeks I got the permission back. Some municipalities are just faster than others. I have heard horror stories how long it takes to process a building permit. Not so in our municipality. And we even had to have an exception permission because we are building the workshop outside of the zoning area. It isn’t a small workshop either (12x6x6 meters). Anyway, I’m happy.


The building inspector makes our life easier by not demanding an initial meeting when we start the building nor any interim inspection, just the final one within 5 years. We just need to drop him an email when we have started (which I have in my mind already last winter by chopping down all those trees).

He also approved our building supervisor in the same permit which was another condition mentioned above to start the building project. I’m still not sure what we need to do in regards to CE-approval for building materials, but I guess that’s some new regulation and since all our stuff comes from Kontio, I expect that they will have the necessary documents.

The building permit set us back 370 Euro. In addition to the 400 Euro paid for the exception permit and the architect fees, we have paid now some 1000 Euros even before we got started but that’s not too bad from what I heard. Next we need to clear up the building site…

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