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New friends

May 23, 2016

Remember I recently told you one of our friend did not make it through the winter? Well, it was a momentary set-back, but soon we were back on track.

Actually the Other Half came home one day with a new turtle. A big decision was to be made – what do we call our new friend? It seemed only fitting that we make a tribute to the one who did not survive – so please meet Tuukka II (aka Tuukka the Second)!

Turtle 3

He immediately wanted to visit his predecessor at the cottage. As you can see, Tuukka II is quite a bit smaller that Tuukka, so it’s almost like it’s the son of Tuukka.

Turtle 1

Now that we had a new friend the old one needed to be buried – quite unceremoniously dumped among the rocks along the road that leads down to the Villa.

Turtle 2

The Girl and I had a small quiet moment after we dumped the pieces among the rocks, but life goes on (and I have to stop before you think I’ve completely lost it by rambling on about this topic for far longer than is appropriate).

I’ll leave you with a wonderful picture of the lake view – plenty more of these to come as the spring and summer progress.

Lake view

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