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Bridge to the Fruit Orchard

May 8, 2016

“Water under the bridge”. Well, one can leave something behind as well without all that water business… The project I finished recently was to build a bridge from the Villa to the fruit orchard (and from there to the guest cottage).

I started the building project when the last snow was about to melt.


The first step was to build the frame and put in place.


After attaching the terrace boards, the railing posts, and the railings the bridge was essentially ready, but not quite yet open for traffic because the ground was still frozen and I couldn’t dig in the foundation on the fruit orchard side.


It took 4 more weeks before I could build the foundation and lower the bridge to the intended height. But after that I could cut a gap into the railing on the Villa-side and open the bridge for business.


Now one can walk directly from the kitchen to the vegetable patch and pick some fresh salad. In return, visitors in the guest cottage can cross the “big divide” without climbing the stairs up and down.


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