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Have a seat, please!

April 28, 2016

We bought a set of couches for the Villa already back in 2012. Really – already 4 years ago?! Wow, time really flies… I was looking back through the blog and it seems like I haven’t been blogging that much about the living room as a room; there’s a few mentions here and there about individual pieces of furniture, but really no pictures (I could find) showing the complete living room. Maybe something to fix with a blog post sometime in the future…

Then you’ll have to bear with me for a story instead of instead of pictures. So, as said, we bough set of couches for the Villa in 2012, as well as a matching footstool. As the living room is a fair size there was room also for an armchair. Around the same time we had an extra white armchair (several years old from Ikea) at home, so instead of buying a matching armchair we moved the white armchair to the Villa. It worked together nicely with some decorative pillows, as well as the general white floors, walls and furniture in the living room.

Now when you’re in the countryside, partially still building and have small kids a white armchair is not really the most optimal color. However it had washable covers so several times a year we washed the covers of the armchair. Over time that doesn’t work anymore and even the most durable fabric wears down, as did with our armchair.

Ikea still carried a model by that name so off I went to buy a new cover – but all good things must come to an end! Ikea had changed the design of the chair! So no longer could we get a new cover. Of course we could have had one made, but that would have cost more than a new armchair.

What to do? Well there was only one obvious choice: finally buy the matching armchair for the living room! So we waited a few months and again, on sale, we bought the matching armchair. They still had our order information in the system, so it was easy to ensure that we get matching fabric and legs. So here it is:

Chair 1

It’s surprising how well the colors go together. Even after four years the other pieces of the set fit well together with the newcomer. When you put the footstool and armchair right next to each other you can see that the armchair is just slightly darker, but I expect that color difference to settle over time.

Here’s s few shots of the living room now, giving you a slightly better view of the room and the now matching couches and armchair:

What did we do with the old while armchair? Of course we didn’t throw it away (yet)! We moved it upstairs to the lounge area on the second floor. We have another lonely armchair up there already, so now with another one we have at least two proper seats in front of the tv 🙂




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