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One of our garden friends in gone

April 22, 2016

Now that the snow is gone we can see what has really happened during the winter. Sometimes there are positive surprises (quite seldom) and sometimes there’s nasty surprises (something almost every year). This year we had a nasty surprise – a very sad one.

You may recall last summer we introduced several friends to the garden and are happily planning to expand the “collection” of friends over the coming years. Well, one of our friends did not make it over the winter – to put it more bluntly he did not survive. Tuukka the Turtle is dead!

I noticed when looking out the kitchen window that his head was not pointing happily up like it was supposed to, so I went closer to investigate… His head had fallen off!

Tuukka 1

Next I proceeded to interrogate the Boy and the Girl for a confession – I was sure the head had fallen off as one of them had stepped on it when making a shortcut over the snow during the winter. One was in big denial (no, no, I did not do it Mommy!), while the other one broke quite soon and admitted to taking the forbidden shortcut during the winter.

Having extracted a confession I proceeded to investigate whether I could still fix Tuukka – by gluing the head back on. This is when I discovered that it was not only the head, but Tuukka had completely disintegrated over the winter!

Tuukka 2

Now I had to take a step back and apologize to the Boy and the Girl. This was not due to someone stepping on Tuukka, but it was just not meant to be – we should have lifted our friend in over the winter. Now we’ll bury Tuukka in the rocks along the road heading down to the Villa and find another friend to take his place.

But on a happier note – the nature is waking up! It was lovely to see plenty of these traditional spring flowers springing up on the edges on the forest in sunny spots. Looking forward to more signs of life as the weather gets warmer.

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