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Kontio Workshop Drawings – Take 2

April 12, 2016

The second set of drawings for the workshop have arrived. They almost ready to serve for the building permit permission but unfortunately two small mistakes have sneaked in since the first drafts.

Drawings Draft2 Front

The front of the workshop building is now ready. The drawings for the sides of the building need to be redrawn once more because some short, intermediate logs have made an appearance in the middle of the all after moving the door to the side. They might be good for stability but complicate the look on the outside and make the inside less flexible. So, they have to go again.Drawings Draft2 southside

The second thing that creeped into the second draft is the location of the ceiling insulation. In the second draft the insulation is in the middle of the room while we wanted a double high open space up to the roof. That’s why we have the windows on the roof to let as much light into the workshop as possible. So, the insulation has to move up into the roof structure again.

Drawings Draft2 Cut side

Kontio said to deliver the updated drawings within 10 days. That should be enough to put the building permit application forward right after the notification period for the exception permission ends.

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