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Workshop position approved!

April 6, 2016

The location of the workshop building outside of the zoning area in the forest has been approved now by the municipality!

We had to apply for an exception permission from the municipality. The exception permission was first reviewed in the building inspection board on 3rd of March and approved there unanimously. It went then further in the chain of approvals to the governing board of the municipality, where it was reviewed and approved unanimously as well on the 29th of March.


The whole exercise is actually a result of the zoning guidelines. The building area has to have 50 meters of beach. It also has to be 3000 m2 in size to be assigned the maximum building rights of 250 m2. That means that the side of building area is 60 meters. In addition, there is a rule saying that building over 120 m2 in size need to be 50 meters away from the beach. Well, how do you position a 120 m2 building which is itself 9 meters wide 50 meters away from the beach on a 60 meter long stretch? Naturally, the villa had to be at the very end of the building area. Placing the workshop building between the beach and villa would make little sense because it would block the precious view and access from he road would be blocked. Everything would have been easier if the building area would be 4000 m2 and therefore 80 meters long. Well, I understand that land owners want to sell the minimum areas for an as high price as possible. Luckily, I do own as well the forest behind the building area and could apply to build there.

The exception building permit cost us 400 Euro and an extra 36 Euro for asking the neighbour whether he has any concerns. In addition, we paid the architect 350 Euro for making the papers ready and negotiating with the building inspector. Anyway, all is well and things can proceed as planned.

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