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Awakening from winter slumber

March 29, 2016

I’ve been a bad blogger during the winter; partially due to laziness and partially due to lack of topics. Actually no, completely due to laziness, but now that the nature is awakening after a winter slumber maybe it’s time for me to shape up in the blogging area.

We had a lovely, long Easter weekend at the Villa. Weather was nice, sunny on most of the days and the snow was melting right under our eyes. The Other Half was busy with a lovely little building project he’ll tell you all about once it’s completed, but until then you’ll have to do with me (blogging). I focused on just being, walking in the forest and cooking (plus of course the related eating). On Sunday I even cleaned the grill, so we have opened the season. Next time need to buy some good steaks to properly open the season!

I have to say it’s been quite cold, mainly below zero, until last week, so I was really surprised to notice that our apple trees and berry bushes our already waking up. Now they’ve survived two winters – yeah – and also any attempts by the local rabbits to use them as a source for nourishment during the cold winter months. I don’t know how long we’ll have to wait until we see actual leaves on the apple trees, but all of them have already some nice buds:


Also each of the berry bushes is waking up:


The plan, at least at this point of the year, is to plant either one or two cherry trees (very sweet cherries) this spring, as well as rhubarb. We (well I) already have a fairly good idea of where I want to plant them, but most likely that will happen only late May, as I want to ensure the soil is properly defrosted so I don’t need to use an ice pick to dig the planting hole.

But what is an Easter weekend at the Villa without an Easter egg hunt? This is the loot from last Sunday:


Some of it still remains, even though the Boy and the Girl did a good job demolishing a good portion of the loot already on the first day.

WP_20160327_17_58_30_Pro 1


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