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First Workshop Drawings Arrived!

March 22, 2016

Today, the first building drawings of the workshop arrived from Kontio. Now we have one week to make corrections before Kontio will create the final building drawings for the building permit applications.

Considering that my amateur drawings of the workshop was missing a lot of details I have to admit that Kontio’s architect figured out pretty well what we want. There are several corrections to be done but nothing major.

Drawings Draft Front


Drawings Draft southside

Drawings Draft Back

The roof should be wider in order to protect the log walls better from rain. We are missing the snow stoppers on the roof above the doors. We also don’t need any emergency steps down from the window on the south-side because there won’t be a second story. Based on the first complete drawings we are also considering to remove one door on the backside of the building. I took my little whiteout pen and did some manual corrections which I will send back to the manufacturer. Overall, things are looking rather good right now and I’m looking forward to the final drawings while waiting for the exception permit to be granted from the municipality.

Drawings Draft Back Corrected

Facade Draft Corrected

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