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Exemption Building Permit / Workshop

January 31, 2016

Usually when building a log home in Finland you can get away with a regular building permit. For the workshop we need an exemption building permit because there is no meaningful place left anymore inside of the official 3000 m2 building area assigned to our real estate according to the zoning.

Because the villa had to be build 50 meters away from the shoreline, it essentially stands on edge of building area and anything additional inside of the building area would be blocking the view to the lake and would be hard to reach with vehicles of any sort. Hence, we want to build into an area which, according to the zoning, is assigned to be a forest. We also want to place the workshop building in a way that it creates an traditional farmhouse inner-courtyard.

In order to move the project further I drafted the location plan for the workshop building for a discussion with the local building inspector. The local building inspector agreed (in the usual non-committal nature of his communication) that our suggested location seems to be one of the few possible ways to go forward to realise our intent and he stated that we need an exemption permit.


With that information we then contacted our good and proven architect/building master whether he would also lead this project together with us through the official process. Luckily, he agreed to take this project on even that he is playing with the idea of retiring in the next years. He drew the official location plan for the exemption building permit and put the application forward to the municipality. This set us back 350 Euro in billable work but that’s a small price to pay in order to get what we want.


The application for the exemption permit, which only deals with the location of the new building and not the building permit for the actual building itself (which will come later), is to be reviewed by the municipality’s construction committee. If approved then it goes next for review in the municipality’s board (the highest decision making body in the area) for approval. If these two review bodies give green light then we can go forward to make the actual building permit. Either of these committees can send the exemption building permit application for review to the regional review board, but I hope it doesn’t got there because that will complicate things even more.

I marked meanwhile the location of the workshop on the land with few sticks to get a better idea myself (and for the other half) on what we are getting into. The middle of the workshop building is marked with a stick between the two lamp posts below. All outer edges of the workshop are also marked (two of them on the current road).


The photo below depicts the view towards the villa from the new road which essentially will lead through the workshop building.


Next up: Finding a manufacturer to design and deliver the workshop…

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