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Agile or planned development?

January 1, 2016

At work I do eat and breathe agile development style. What’s done next is decided in 2 weeks intervals and sometimes even faster. While there is a long-term roadmap the agile way of working is perfect for the fast-pace IT world. But does this style work when it comes to development of a countryside estate? Well, when it comes down to the actual doing 2 week intervals (during summer vacations) is the way to go. Otherwise our building of Villa Linnea is very often confined to weekend intervals. And what to do during the weekend depends often on the weather, especially when it comes down to doing things outside.

Even when working agile it is good to have a long-term roadmap. In terms of Villa Linnea I do have typically a one year roadmap of things I want to achieve. The year 2016 is not different with one big exception: the mystery project of starting with the utility building.

Otherwise the roadmap for 2016 includes mostly landscaping around the villa. There is the landscaping on the North side of the villa:


There is also the optional work of putting granite paving stones in the inner circle of the front yard. I’m not sure yet whether I will invest time and money into that work this year, but somehow the gravel solution we have now drags too much dirt into the hallway.

IMG_20151213_132151Finally, there is the mystery project – another 5 year project –  the utility building. We’ll see whether we start this project this year. We should probably start asking the local building inspector about the placement rules for such building and about the square footage being allocated for the drive-through part of the building. Anyway, whatever looks like this right now…

IMG_20151213_132214s… might be a cleared area with a ready foundation at the end of next year. We’ll see. Some agile roadmapping needed here…

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