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2015 in review

December 25, 2015

2015 was very much dedicated to landscaping and gardening. Naturally, there was the mandatory terrace project, but otherwise the focus was on shaping the front yard. The starting point for the works was not very encouraging (here a photo from late 2014):


While there was plenty of heavy duty help such as the digger


and the tractor

IMG_20150610_075820sthere was plenty of going around with the wheelbarrow and digging in with the shovel involved, more than I would have wanted to. But what do you do when get truckloads of gravel and tree bark and you need to move them.



The final outcome of the front yard, at least the direct surroundings of the villa, does look promising. Let’s hope that these 30 or so plants grow nicely.


Finally, worth mentioning is also the failure of the year, which has to be our midsummer achievement of dropping a birch tree on top of the sauna (which did recover luckily unharmed).

Sauna 2

The new winter has made only one appearance 4 weeks ago, which looked like this…


Overall, It’s been another great year at Villa Linnea. And I’m looking forward to 2016.

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