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Rustic cabinet, volume 2

December 14, 2015

The Other Half did again a tremendous job (and savings some  serious $) of taking a wood finished cabinet and turning it into something really nice that fits perfectly to the Villa. For more details see the earlier post.

This left me with my usual task of playing interior design assistant and filling the cabinet with something. Honestly, as the Other Half wrote in the other post, we were lacking space to put nice things onto, not so much the extra storage space.

So I started with a blank slate, both outside and in:Cabinet 1

Cabinet 2

First of course I wiped the surfaces down to get rid of any dust and other debris from transporting the unit to the Villa. Then I thought about what should we put in here?

So far we have had all the games and puzzles in a dresser in the master bedroom, which is downstairs just next to the living room. There’s no reason they couldn’t stay where they were, but of course it’s more convenient to have them in the living room where we actually play the games.

Also we have kept (ok, more like hoarded) some interior design magazines over the years and they’ve been in baskets, on shelves, on the tables… So in order to tidy things up a bit also put them in the one doored side of the cabinet.

This is what it looked like when I was done:

Cabinet 3

Let’s see how long the games side looks this organized…

What’s in the drawers you ask me? Well they’re still waiting for their purpose. I’ll save you the picture, but the one on the left has some basic card decks, the middle one is empty and the one on the right has some paper and  pens for keeping score and making shopping lists.

And, as you can already see a bit from the picture above, now that we have this new tabletop space to decorate we really don’t know what to do with it yet! Now it has some candles:

Cabinet 5But come Christmas I’m sure some decorations will find their home here… And over time there’ll be plenty of other items we’ll be setting out on display here.

Now I just need to convince the Other Half to make another side table for the other side of the living room… That’s my next project…

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