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Rustic three-door cabinet

December 6, 2015

Cabinets are not for storage. Cabinets are for display.

When you have got everything you really need at your log cabin, you start buying things for other motivations. We didn’t need more storage space, but so often – when walking through interior design shops – there were nice things that we would love to have but have no place to put them on display. So, instead of buying the decorative items we bought a wide cabinet that has plenty of display space.

We do have three sources of buying furniture out of solid wood: The Puupaja in Tattarisuo/Helsinki, Juvi Productions in Vantaa, and Bauhaus. The later means that I build it myself from 18 and 28 mm boards of fir or pine wood. The 3 door cabinet we bought from Juvi Productions. My own contribution was limited to painting it and attaching the knobs and handles.


The first step is to dissemble the cabinet by removing all individual parts and hinges.


The next step is to paint the inside.


Then I painted the outside with base paint. Earlier I used the same expensive furniture paint for two to three coatings. Nowadays I use a cheaper base coast and use the more expensive color only for the final coat.


I painted the cabinet three times. The final coating is based on Tikkurila Helmi paint. The final step is attach the hinges back and attach knobs and handles, which I got from Bauhaus carrying a decent selection of handles, hinges, and knobs made from brass or other metals.

The cabinet found its new home just beside the fireplace in the living room and is now waiting for all those decorative things to make an appearance over time.



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